Assignment about wal mart

Such forward-looking statements include statements made in Part I, Item 3.

Assignment about wal mart

Wal-mart, Its environmental analysis Marketing assignment on: It owns large departmental discount stores and warehouses. A list in the Fortune Global considers Wal — Mart as the third largest public corporation of the world.

This company was founded by Sam Walton in and currently number of locations where Wal-Mart provides its product and services is Main products of the company are Apparel, cash and carry, warehouse club, discount department stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets etc.

The company is growing at a higher rate and currently looking Australia as a potential market for its business development Wal-Mart This report further will be exploring the opportunities and barriers available in the Australian market for Wal — Mart.

The technique is used for the Wal — Mart in Australian market below: When we look at political structure of Australia we find that the framework of Australian politics is constitutional monarchy and federal constitutional parliamentary democracy.

Although the head of state in Australia is Queen Elizabeth II but the powers given to her is limited. While looking at the political structure of Australia it seems that it is a little complex but since Wal — Mart is dealing with these kinds of situations successfully it will not have to face much difficulties in dealing with the Australian Assignment about wal mart conditions.

Although the economic situation of the country was not good in the previous year as the whole world was suffering from economic crisis and due to that retail sector of Australia also suffered in Continuous economic growth of Australia will help in the business development of Wal — Mart Hernandez, V Statistics shows that area wise Australia is a big country but the population is a little low i.

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And hence there are no much cultural differences in the different parts of the Australia Communicaid Religious structure of the Australian population is given in the following pie chart: Kwintessential The above diagram clearly shows that maximum number of people in Australia is Christian and hence Wal — Mart will have to deal with same kind of people in different places of Australia unlike India where people are from every religion.

National language used in the country is English and people of the nation are very down to earth and mindful. Australians are clear about their preferences and they do not believe in long relationships for developing a business with them.

They communicate directly Kwintessential All the features of Australian society are positive for the business of Wal — Mart and will definitely help in the business efforts of Wal — Mart. We have already discussed above that the number of consumers who prefer shopping from the ecommerce websites are increasing which clearly shows that Australian consumers are internet savvy and it will help Wal — Mart in its sales as well as in promotional activities.

Australia is a country which continuously spends on its technological development and research. LEGAL Following the legal requirements of a country is the most essential thing for the success of any organization today. If a company is found not following the legal requirements; a penalty can be charged.

Before entering into the business Wal — Mart should know the legal requirements of retail sector in Australia such as licenses, registration, taxes and permits etc. Australia is known for its transparency in the regulations which clearly shows that Wal — Mart will not have to face much difficulty in Australia Online Biz Magazine Wal — Mart will be required to take care of its natural environment.

Environmental factors like droughts or floods also affect the business of an organization.


While looking at the environmental factors of Australia we find that urban locations are facing problems of water. Australian government has made some laws relating to the environmental issues of the country which need to be followed by the companies operating in the country.

Wal — Mart will also be required to follow these laws so that it can run its business smoothly. It can also involve itself in some CSR activities to protect the natural environment of the country as well as to promote the company Environmental Protection Authority Distribution is another advantage of the Wal — Mart as due to the big size of the company it can easily get the discounts from suppliers and distributors.

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Marketing assignment on: Wal-mart, Its environmental analysis INTRODUCTION. Wal-Mart is the largest chain of retail stores which cover approximately all parts of the world. It owns large departmental discount stores and warehouses.

A list in the Fortune Global considers Wal – Mart as the third largest public corporation of the world. The following 4 questions need to be at least each with at least 3 reference citied1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues.

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Assignment about wal mart

The case study of Wal-Mart Inc Solutions After reading the case study on . Photocredit: Bethany Murray We recently heard the sad news of the deaths of two people who have been involved in the GLC Story project, Robin Murray and Alan Tomkins. Robin was an economist who became Director of Industry for the Greater London Enterprise Board in the s.

He was an immensely positive and enthusiastic person, and [ ]. Overview. Wal Mart Pharmacy 10 is a local pharmacy of Wal-Mart Stores East Lp, its parent company, in Springfield, Missouri.

Wal Mart Pharmacy 10 sells a total of 8 Medicare chargeable items at W Sunshine St, Springfield, MO

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