Attitudes and job satisfaction ppt robbins

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Attitudes and job satisfaction ppt robbins

Example of Research Papers Thesis Statements: Attitude and Job Satisfaction: A worker attitude towards work is directly linked to the job satisfaction; a worker who is satisfied with his job performs better and excels at what he does. It is therefore imperative for a company to understand the attitude of its workers and measure the job satisfaction of its employees, as job satisfaction is essential for productivity.

Introduction Worker attitude and job satisfaction deals with how an organization behaves. It involves the management directing employees into improving organizational and personal effectiveness. It plays an enormous role in determining the attitudes of employees and their job satisfaction.

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When an employee is happy, it is usually because they are satisfied with their work. This also improves the quality of their work.

Attitude and job satisfaction may not fall completely on the management but also on the employees. If employees enjoy their work, they will not need external motivation from management, but instead the satisfaction they attain from completing their work will motivate them Robbins, Its effect on productivity is either positive or negative.

The relationship between job satisfaction and job productivity is however not consistent. An individual may still obtain high job productivity without having the satisfaction in the work. This happens mostly when money is their motivation.

Another motivator is improving in his or her work in order to receive a promotion. Other employees may increase their productivity due to the satisfaction they get from their work. A reason for job satisfaction may also come from an employee getting a good salary.

It improves job satisfaction as long as an employee has knowledge of the fact that they get fair payment for their efforts at the end of the day. If an employee does not get satisfaction in their work, they may seek for satisfaction in other work unrelated areas.

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This provides fulfillment and balance in their life. He or she may also be content with work as it relates with those work unrelated areas.

Job dissatisfaction may also cause an employee to quit Robbins, Negative attitude towards authority will cause clashes in the work place. Another reason for a negative attitude towards authority is jealous for their position. This attitude affects job productivity in a negative way.

If the workers attitude is a negative one so is their ability to produce positive results. There are different issues that affect worker attitude and job satisfaction either in a negative or positive way. These issues include the management, employee, sociology, communication, culture, and work environment.

Empowerment is one factor that can motivate better productivity.Robbins & Judge Organizational Behavior 14th Edition. Chapter 3: Attitudes and Job Satisfaction. By: Faiza Amir.

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Attitudes. Evaluative statements or judgments concerning objects, people, or events. Three components of an attitude: Cognitive – The opinion or belief segment of.

A comprehensive review of positive psychology. Positive psychology. William D.

Attitudes and job satisfaction ppt robbins

Tillier; Calgary Alberta; Update: Under construction. Attitudes influence behaviors of employees: Managers should focus on helping employees become more productive to increase job Importance of Attitudes • Implication for Managers Attitudes warn of potential behavioral problems: Managers should do things that generate the positive attitudes that reduce absenteeism and turnover.

Robbins & JudgeOrganizational Behavior 14th Edition Attitudes Attitudes and and Job Job Satisfaction. Attitude & Job Satisfaction 1. ATTITUDES and JOB SATISFACTION Prepared by: urbanagricultureinitiative.comnan (25) urbanagricultureinitiative.comshankar (18) Balashakthivel.

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Positive psychology.