Buko pie business plan sample

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Buko pie business plan sample

It is a very popular alcoholic drink among men and women in the rural areas of the Southern Tagalog provinces, where it is widely produced. It is widely enjoyed by the locals and festive occasions are almost incomplete without it www.

It is free from artificial chemicals because it is made purely from coconut sap.

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Lambanog processing starts with the pruning of the coconut flowers to let the sap drip from the blossoms. The tuba is distilled, cooled, and filtered to produce the coconut wine. It may be added with fruit flavors such as berries, raisins, calamansi, mango, and even gum flavor to offer a variety of taste.

Ascan, Lambanog wine is produced in the Southern Tagalog region particularly in the provinces of Quezon, Laguna, and Batangas.

The Quezon province produces most of the lambanog wine because of abundance in coconut plantations in the area. In the province of Laguna, the Municipality of Liliw located in the eastern part, is considered as the major lambanog producer and distributor.

Lambanog wine production has been in existence in Liliw since the time of the Spanish colonization. Processors take advantage of the abundance of coconut trees in the area.

Lambanog wine production gives employment to many residents in Liliw. The market consists of townsfolk as well as nearby towns. Because lambanog has only recently begun its introduction onto the international market, trade data tracking export and import of this product is very limited.

In terms of production, lambanog-making is still very much a cottage industry with deep historical roots. However, the industry has experienced setbacks a few years ago due to infestation of coconuts, shortage of raw materials, and competition from other substitute products e.

Still, the lambanog wine supply is not sufficient to meet its demand. The most pressing problem is the lack of consistent supply of tuba due to unfavorable weather conditions Donato, Other common problems include loss of workers resulting to injuries, poor technology, lack of government support, high cost of maintaining karitan, high cost of acquiring production equipment, and stiff competition from the big distilleries of alcoholic beverages Ascan, Currently, the industry is being revived but it needs to determine its current status, the problems besetting the industry, and what directions should it take to become more competitive.

Specifically, this study aimed to: Determine the profile of the major players of the Lambanog industry along the following areas: Capacity of industry; c.

Key success factors; and d. Conduct a structural analysis on the Lambanog industry considering the following aspects: Barriers to Entry; b. Threats of Substitute; c. Bargaining Power of Supplier; d. Bargaining Power of Costumers; and e. Competition in the Industry; 3.

This study may give them insights on establishing Lambanog Industry in General Santos City as a good income-generating business. The results may also help them in considering General Santos City as a business-friendly urban place where they could start their planned business. They could maximize the use of their coconut plantations in producing Lambanog.

This study may encourage them to choose Philippine products like Lambanog instead of other branded alcoholic beverages. And also, if Lambanog is readily available in General Santos City, it would be easier to buy and much cheaper than other Lambanog brands from Luzon.

This study may provide them awareness on the current performance of the coconut industry that should be given more focus since the Philippines is a tropical country and they could make use of the coconuts produced. It could also aid in formulation of laws regarding the industry.

This study may give them information and insight on the Lambanog industry and its feasibility within General Santos City and neighboring areas.

The researchers gathered facts to describe the present scenario of the Lambanog industry in the Philippines. Moreover, readings from articles on the internet and journals were used for additional information.

For the proposed project, this covered the five aspects of the feasibility study namely; 1.daisy on a chocolate cupcake or a buttery harvest leaf on a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. These extra touches are added to enhance the elegant experience for our customers. Customers may purchase pre-made or made-to-order products.

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buko pie business plan sample

Figure 4: Packaging and Labelling Sales and Distribution Strategy This section includes the sale and distribution process of the proposed lambanog manufacturing in General Santos City. Order Processing The process of ordering should be present in a business to attain customer satisfaction.

Buko pie is undoubtedly one of the most popular pasalubong treats especially in Southern Luzon (Batangas, Laguna, and Cavite). That is because it is a baked specialty that makes use of buko or young coconut meat, which is one of the main agricultural products in the region.

Buko pie is a traditional Filipino baked pastry that uses the ever-present coconut fruit in the Philippines. It is filled with young coconut meat and is made sweet, thick, and rich with condensed milk.

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Buko pie is a traditional Filipino baked pastry that uses the ever-present coconut fruit in the Philippines. It is filled with young coconut meat and is made sweet, thick, and rich with condensed milk. How to create a business plan for your bakery (includes a sample business plan for .

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