Deaf event reaction paper

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Deaf event reaction paper

Note the format for this website has changed; please refer to this information under "Understanding Neurosync" From their brochure: Your ears hear nothing but your mind hears and accepts the Deaf event reaction paper suggestions.

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You can safely play these tapes anywhere - in a car, while watching TV or listening to your favorite music, while working or even as silent sleep programming.

Everyone within listening range of the tape will be programmed by the suggestions. Increase the volume until it is just below any tape noise. If your stereo deck has treble and bass controls, you can boost the subliminal output by increasing the treble and decreasing the bass.

The player then emits a strong but inaudible frequency - modulated 60 - 90 decibel signal that is received and demodulated by the human ear. The Suggestions are delivered on a carrier frequency of 14, cps, via a low-distortion sine wave signal.

This frequency is slightly above the audible hearing range but the frequency-modulated FM signal is still strongly impinging upon the diaphragm of the ear. The listener can expect his subconscious mind to accept the suggestions with repeated listening. Because the frequency is beyond normal recording range, the tape cannot be duplicated: Be ultra-successful and become wealthy" - "Every day in every way, you become more successful" - "Your creative thinking opens the door to monetaryabundance" - "You easily achieve and maintain a penile erection" - "Your body performs perfectly during sex without thinking about it" - "A hard, firm erection is your natural response to sexual stimulation " - "You can make love for a long before you ejaculate" - "Every day you feel better about your sexual prowess and your ability to achieve and maintain a hard, firm erection" "Acoustic Spotlight Can Target One person in Crowd " Posted by F.

The Audio Spotlight can be used in two major ways: As directed audio, sound is directed at a specific listener or area, to provide a private or area specific listening space.

As projected audio, sound is projected against a distant object, creating an audio image. This audio image is literally a projected loudspeaker - sound appears to come directly from the projection, just like light.

The Audio Spotlight consists of a thin, circular transducer array and a specially designed signal processor and amplifier.

The transducer is about half an inch thick, nonmagnetic, and lightweight. The signal processor and amplifier are integrated into a unit about the same size as a traditional audio amplifier, and have similar power requirements. Because it is impossible to generate extremely narrow beams of audible sound without extremely large loudspeaker arrays, we instead generate the sound indirectly, using the nonlinearity of the air to convert a narrow beam of ultrasound into a highly directive, audible beam of sound.

The device transmits a narrow beam of ultrasound bluewhich, due to the inherent nonlinearity of the air itself, distorts changes shape very slightly as it travels.

This distortion creates, along with new ultrasonic frequencies, audible artifacts green that can be mathematically predicted, and therefore controlled. By constructing the proper ultrasonic beam, this nonlinearity can be used to create, within the beam itself, an audible sound beam containing any sound desired.

This is presently done in real-time using low cost circuitry, a specially designed amplifier, and transducers developed at MIT specifically for this project. The directivity, or narrowness, of an acoustic wave generated by a circular transducer is proportional to the ratio of the diameter of the transducer to the wavelength of the sound.

So a transducer much larger than the wavelength of the sound creates a very narrow beam. Audible sound contains wavelengths reaching lengths of several feet, so a reasonably sized loudspeaker will always produce a very wide, non-directional source at lower frequencies.

The Audio Spotlightin contrast, outputs short, millimeter sized ultrasonic waves, which form a very narrow beam even in a small transducer, which in turn generates audible sound. The nature of the nonlinear transformation also essentially eliminates side lobes in the resulting beam, and maintains relatively uniform directivity across the entire audible frequency range.

The figure above from American Technologies Corp. Note that the directivity of the Audio Spotlight is only three degrees, compared to the essentially omni directional directivity of the loudspeaker.

In order to obtain such narrow directivity from a traditional loudspeaker system, one would need a loudspeaker array fifty meters across! A loudspeaker is like a light bulb, but the Audio Spotlight is like a laser. The use of nonlinear interaction of high frequency sound to generate directive low frequency sound sources has been a well-researched subject in the field of underwater acoustics since the early 's.

Often misattributed to so-called "Tartini Tones," the effect is more accurately described as a parametric array, a term introduced by Westervelt.

Deaf event reaction paper

In the past several decades, many underwater sonar researchers have used the effect to generate directive low frequency sonar beams, detect underwater sound parametric receiving arrayand extend the bandwidth of underwater transducers.

The first published demonstration of an airborne parametric array was in by Bennett and Blackstock. Rather than using inaudible ultrasound, they instead used very intense, high frequency audible sound to produce simple difference tones.

While their goal was not a practical audio reproduction device, they nonetheless effectively demonstrated that the parametric array would work in air in addition to underwater. The Life Assessment Detector System LADSa microwave Doppler movement measuring device, can detect human body surface motion, including heartbeat and respiration, at ranges up to feet The primary function of the LADS is to provide a reliable method by which medical and emergency personnel can locate personnel buried in building collapses or injured on the military battlefield.

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LADS can detect such signs of life as movement, heartbeat, or respiration. Originally designed to detect heartbeat and respiration of military personnel wearing chemical-biological warfare protective overgarments, the LADS has been restructured, greatly increasing its operational range and providing a means for eliminating "nuisance alarms" which could mimic human life signs, such as fans, wind drafts, or swaying trees.View Notes - Deaf Event Paper - 1 from ASL at Texas Tech University.

gist of what was being communicated, through facial expressions, body language, and the few signs that I do know. Most of the%(1).

Reflection paper on "Through Deaf Eyes" - University Miscellaneous - Marked by

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Don't trust third party data centers? Mar 27,  · I need to write a reaction paper about a Deaf event that I went to and would like to know what other people experienced. Thanks It would really help me outStatus: Resolved. ASL Deaf Reaction Paper 1 - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. ASL Social Function Reaction Paper This semester I attended several ASL/Deaf Events. The first was an ASL performance of Charlie and the Chocolate factory (without voiced translation), the second was an ASL/Deaf Night at Biggby Coffee, and the last was an interpreted mass at St.

Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor.

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