Driving questions

This element of the practical test was first introduced in Septemberand the question bank was amended in July You cannot fail your practical driving test for getting one or both questions wrong, but you can pickup 1 minor driving fault as a result of one or two incorrect answers.

Driving questions

GDL are laws that support a three-stage driver licensing system to phase in young beginners to full driving privileges.

It helps teens hone their driving skills during the first year of licensure by reducing exposure to high-risk situations such as carrying teen passengers and driving at night. The three stages are: Why does GDL apply only to teens?

Minnesota teen drivers are overrepresented in traffic crashes due to inexperience, immaturity, distractions, night-time driving, speeding, and seat belt non use. Young drivers tend to overestimate their own driving abilities, and at the same time, underestimate the dangers on the road.

Teens are more likely than older drivers to take risks such as speeding, and because they are inexperienced behind the wheel. Teens are much less able to cope with hazardous driving situations.

In-vehicle distractions, especially teen passengers, can increase the risk of crash by distracting the driver and by creating peer pressure to take more risks behind the wheel. For the first six months of licensure: Only one passenger under age 20 is permitted, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For the second six months of licensure: No more than three passengers under age 20 are permitted, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Violating this law is a misdemeanor. Parents are encouraged to set stricter passenger limits for their newly licensed teen by not allowing any teen passengers for the first six-months of licensure, and no more than one for the second six-months.

Is there any exception for a teen who works as a nanny or babysitter for another family? All other passengers under age 20 are limited as described above.


Driving is prohibited midnight — 5 a. More than half of all fatal crashes that occur at night and involve year olds happen before midnight. Parents are encouraged to set stricter nighttime driving limits for their newly licensed teen beginning at 9 or 10 p. What about cell phone use or texting laws?

Driving questions

Drivers with an instruction permit or provisional license who are under age 18 may not use a cell phone, hand-held or hands-free, while driving. Has GDL reduced crashes?

Yes, a national study found a 30 percent lower rate of fatal crashes per population of 15 to 17 year olds, and a 20 percent reduction of insurance collision claim rates for 16 year old drivers, in states with good GDL laws.

How many hours does a teen need to practice during the instruction permit phase? To qualify for a provisional license, a teen with a valid permit must drive under the supervision of a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age for not less than 50 hours.Driving Questions Archived Webinars.

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Schedule your Driving Test Appointment! Please carefully read the requirements below to ensure that your visit is as fast and efficient as possible. The location the you have chosen offers driving tests for non-commercial vehicles (Class C licenses) only, NOT for commercial drivers.

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles administers several tests when an individual applies for a license or learner permit – and in some cases, when they renew their license. Regardless if you are planning on driving busses for the city or a school system, you need to be fully licensed.

You need to bring your license with you to the interview to prove that you are legally able to . You can take our 5 question practice multiple–choice test in English or Español (Spanish) Driving test Watch videos, learn what you'll be tested on, and see testing requirements. Air brakes questions provided by Rocky Mountain Pro Drivers Inc.

(Cranbrook) Commercial driving test revisions provided by Smart Drive Test | Class 5 revisions provided by Albion Driver Training (Victoria).

Driving questions

Helpful Resources ICBC Driving Guides: Learn to Drive Smart & Driving Commercial Vehicles Commercial Driving YouTube Videos by Smart Drive Test.

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