Eda 3046 study guide 2015

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Eda 3046 study guide 2015

Our aim was to formulate integrated management recommendations for European lagoons. This framework emphasizes the common links, but also the specificities of responses to drivers and the ecosystem services provided. The information collected was used to formulate recommendations for the sustainable management of lagoons within a Pan-European context.

Several common management recommendations were proposed, but specificities were also identified. The study synthesizes the present conditions for the management of lagoons, thus analysing and examining the activities that might be developed in different scenarios, scenarios which facilitate ecosystem protection without compromising future generations.

Coastal and transitional regions have long been attractive for human populations due to their high availability of ecosystem services and multiplicity of uses; this has placed these systems under severe anthropogenic stress 1234.

The special challenges facing coastal regions, has, during recent decades, highlighted the need of policies for marine protection that follow an Ecosystem Approach 567. An Ecosystem Approach is here taken to mean that the management of human activities should ensure the ecological and environmental health of the ecosystems and a sustainable use of their services, while maintaining ecosystem integrity 89 However, an efficient and effective management of marine ecosystem also needs to ensure that the different intervening users of the system are heard 4111213 and also that it addresses the interacting uses of the ecosystem 7.

The aim of the present work is to assess contemporary conditions regarding drivers, their impacts and potential management options on European lagoons. The selected European lagoons Ria de Aveiro, Mar Menor, Tyligulskyi Liman and Vistula have different characteristics regarding hydrology, land use, governance issues, among others, covering the main European geographical locations respectively, Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic seas.

The aim is to identify current problems and concerns, policy needs, and to propose recommendations for management that specifically address the experience and views of the local users of the lagoons.

The preliminary collection of information took into account the present knowledge base using existing data on environmental conditions, it identified knowledge gaps, protection policies and development needs, and examined how these were addressed by the different actors using the coastal lagoon or contributing for its management: This active involvement of stakeholders and the inclusion of the public concerns in water management issues have been encouraged by several authors 111415as the public support is considered essential to implement changes.

For this purpose, we followed a DPSIR approach Drivers-Pressures-State change-Impacts-Responsesunderpinning the Ecosystem Approach, by integrating human wellbeing, welfare and ecosystem sustainability aspects society, economy and ecology 7 From this perspective, DPSIR becomes an essential tool to structure and identify the causal relationships between drivers of change and their impacts, and through this process, to identify guidelines for environmental management.

The aim is to promote resistance and resilience to environmental change in a way that engages natural, social and economic sciences 1617 When applied in a participatory and multi-methodology framework such as the one presented here, the process also considers conflicting stakeholders claims and facilitates an explanation of how different management options might impact ecosystem services and stakeholders in general e.

This approach ensures that lagoons are perceived as essential natural resources on which humans depend in a variety of forms, enables end-users vision to be included in the decision making processes, and in this way foster agreements regarding management options Material And Methods Study sites Four lagoon study sites were selected Fig.

The lagoon is characterized by a temperate maritime climate; 2 the Mar Menor Lagoon in the Mediterranean Sea Spaina medium-size Mediterranean hypersaline lagoon, with an area of km 19in a semi-arid region, characterized by warm and dry weather conditions; 3 the Tyligulskyi Liman Lagoon in the Black Sea Ukrainewith an area of km2, connected to the sea by an artificial channel which is operational only months per year.

It is also characterised by a transboundary management regime shared by Poland and Russia. All four lagoons are connected to the sea by a single narrow and shallow entrance, artificially controlled for Tyligulskyi Liman Lagoon, and with different water fluxes, due to natural river flow and water management issues The lagoons share some common drivers, albeit with different levels of social and economic importance and ecological impact in each lagoon.

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For more details on each Lagoon case study area, please see 21 and the deliverables available in http:IUCN () definition on p. 7 of Study Guide. Sustainable Development (2) –is a relatively new, confusing and controversial concept.

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You will learn how to apply technical airworthiness management frameworks and how to implement airworthiness assurance functions in: Aircraft design.

Eda 3046 study guide 2015

The official public website of Headquarters U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Eda 3046 study guide 2015

Synthesis, characterization and computational study of the newly synthetized sulfonamide molecule. Part of this study was conducted within the projects supported by the Ministry of Education.

H. - S.C. Education and Economic Development Coordinating Council (Education and Public Works Committee) H. - Survey higher education students (Education and Public Works Committee) H.

- State Education Statutes (Education and Public Works Committee).

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