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Two gentlemen come to see father and talk for a long time. Father speaks briefly with mother and mysteriously leaves home. The next morning, mother leaves for London and returns in the evening, looking tired. She requests the children to be good while she is away and not to ask any question about father.

English paper pmr

Early history[ edit ] Between the 9th and 6th centuries BC, the territory of modern Abkhazia was part of the ancient Georgian kingdom of Colchis. Although the exact time when the population of the region of Abkhazia was converted to Christianity has not been determined, it is known that the Metropolitan of Pityus participated in the First Ecumenical Council in in Nicaea.

Abkhazia, or Abasgia in classic sources, formerly part of Colchis and later of Lazica until the late s, was a princedom under Byzantine authority.

English paper pmr

After acquiring Lazica via a dynastic union in the s [30] the Kingdom English paper pmr Abkhazia was established and became a dominant power in western Caucasus.

During this period the Georgian language replaced Greek as the language of literacy and culture. A period of unrest ensued, which ended as Abkhazia and eastern Georgian states were unified under a single Georgian monarchyruled by King Bagrat III who was buried in the Monastery of Bedia in eastern Abkhazia at the end of the 10th century and the beginning of the 11th century.

In 12th century, king David the Builder appointed the son of shah Shirvan Otago as an Eristavi of Abkhazia, who later became the founder of House of Shervashidze also known as Sharvashidze, or Chachba.

In the s, Mongols divided Georgia into eight military-administrative sectors dumansthe territory of contemporary Abkhazia formed part of the duman administered by Tsotne Dadiani.

In the 16th century, after the break-up of the Georgian Kingdom into small kingdoms and principalities, Principality of Abkhazia nominally a vassal of the Kingdom of Imereti emerged, ruled by the Shervashidze dynasty. Under Ottoman rule, the majority of Abkhaz elite converted to Islam.

The principality retained a degree of autonomy.

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Georgia signed a treaty with Russia for protection against the Ottoman Empire in and was seemingly absorbed, while Abkhazia sought protection from Russia inbut was declared as "an autonomous principality" by the Russians in In the beginning of the 19th century, while the Russians and Ottomans were vying for control of the region, the rulers of Abkhazia shifted back and forth across the religious divide.

However, the pro- Ottoman orientation prevailed for a short time after his assassination by his son Aslan-Bey on 2 May Abkhazia joined the Russian Empire as an autonomous principality, in During the Crimean War —Russian forces had to evacuate Abkhazia and Prince Michael — seemingly switched to the Ottomans.

Abkhaz and Georgian generals in the Imperial Russian Army19th century Large areas of the region were left uninhabited and many ArmeniansGeorgians, Russians and others subsequently migrated to Abkhazia, resettling much of the vacated territory.

After the mass deportation ofAbkhazians were left in the minority, officially branded "guilty people", and had no leader capable of mounting serious opposition to Russification.

Mass protests by the Georgian population of Abkhazia and Samurzakano followed, news of which reached the Russian emperor. On 3 September the Holy Synod issued order which decreed that those parishes where the congregation was Mingrelians i.

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Georgians, conduct both church services and church education in Georgian, while Abkhazian parishes use old Slavic. In the Sukhumi district, this order was carried out in only three of 42 parishes.HGST helps organizations harness the power of data through a broad portfolio of proven, reliable storage solutions that enable next-generation data centers to .

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English paper pmr

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