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Updated on July 7, more Rob is a licensed pool service industry professional with over 20 years of experience.

Green just do it

Rob is a licensed pool service industry professional with over 20 years of experience.

Green just do it

Diving into a green pool. The Pool Is Green! Treating a pool that has turned green? This article will Green just do it you step-by-step through how to get that nasty pool in shape. I will also cover some basic chemistry and filtering tips to prevent this from happening again. All information is based on an in-ground home pool of average size, from 12 to 15 thousand gallons.

What Makes the Pool Green? Algae make it green, and a chemical imbalance lets the algae grow. If there is enough free chlorine in the pool, algae will have a hard time forming. If the green comes back, you can adjust the levels of other chemicals besides chlorineas there is more to pool water chemistry than chlorine alone.

Test the water to determine the pH balance. Pump and filter the pool to regain balance. Brush and filter the pool again. Each of these steps is described in detail below. I have seen many pools that were not just green, but black.

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In severe cases like this, it is more cost-effective and less time-consuming to simply drain the pool and have it acid-washed, even though it costs money to refill the pool.

This is my general rule for determining whether the pool can be treated chemically or needs to be drained: An example is in the photo below; you can see the top of the first stair down into the pool.

An example of green pool water that can be treated chemically. But you should test for pH, because if the pH is very high, the shock will turn the pool cloudy.

A shocked pool will be cloudy anyway until all the dead algae and other solids are filtered out, but high pH will cause a VERY cloudy pool. To find out the pH, I prefer to use a high-end test kit, but the cheap test strips will at least give you an idea if your pH is high or low. You want it to be low: If the pH is high, add one gallon of muriatic acid, which should be enough.

Test the pH again after shocking and four hours of circulation. Shocking the Pool Once your pH is 7. I suggest purchasing a pound container of granular chlorine, rather than the individual one-pound bags they sell at pool stores or large chain stores. Use five pounds of granular shock, or 10 gallons four 2.If you're seeing only green when you try to watch YouTube and other videos, you're probably seeing red.

Green just do it

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Feb 05,  · The $66 billion Bayer-Monsanto merger just got a major green light — but farmers are terrified. May 08,  · Tadpoles can form in a nice clear pool if no chlorine is in it. If your pool looks like a swamp, then drain it, acid wash it, and refill it.

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