Incantations of the supernatural in rime of the ancient mariner

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Incantations of the supernatural in rime of the ancient mariner

View Online Alone in his room, there was nothing left to add for Dim. Yet, this was not perfection. At some point, he had reached a near-perfect state of boredom, ennui, as it was called. He had reached a point where he could no longer be made to care about anything.

It seemed a contradiction, of sorts. He was wealthy, privileged, home-schooled, he had grown up in the perfect, if somewhat insular world of the Dark Spire, his family home.

It was an old place, a thin obelisk of a tower whose insides appeared larger than the city of Canterlot itself, or so it was said. Those who disagreed would find themselves shut out, or perhaps thrown into the labyrinth that was said to be deep within the bowels of the tower.

Either way, those with differing opinions were not welcome. Eccentric, and perhaps just a little bit insane, the House of Dark had a bit of reputation, one that they cultivated like a beloved rose garden.

The Darks had reached perfection and they had the purest bloodlines of any family in all of Equestria. Perhaps, because they only intermingled with one another.

In every way, Dim was the ideal family member, he was everything that the House of Dark prized, everything that was sought after, everything that was hoped for. He had powerful magic, exceptional by any standard of measurement.

There was his heterochromia, a trait that had saved him from being shipped off to the orphanarium to be raised by small-minded, disgusting primitives. His hemophilia was seen as a crowning achievement—it protected him from physical drudgery, manual labour, anything that might damage his perfect, flawless skin.

With hemophilia, there was little else they could do but rule, and so rule they did. The Darks used their hemophilia like a shield, it kept them from having to give away precious sons and daughters to the guard, or the militia, or any outside agency that might require bloodshed.

Incantations of the supernatural in rime of the ancient mariner

Indeed, the Crown left them alone and asked for nothing from them, leaving them to live as they pleased in their own little world. And what a dark little world it was… Filled with annoyance, Dim looked over at his mother, Dark Desire, who stood near the gleaming silver candelabra. The flickering flames reflected in her mismatched eyes, eyes that mirrored his own, and her thin, delicate body twitched and spasmed.

His mother seemed upset, put out, and no doubt, he would hear about it. He wished that she would go away. This was a large space. There was no need for them to ever meet one another ever again. They could live out their lives in separate spaces and Dim would be fine with that.

A part of him hated his mother, though he could not say why. He just found her repulsive and something about her filled him with revulsion. Sometimes, just looking at her made him feel queasy.

All he did was provide a service as a wizard for hire. What else could he do?a) human reverence for the classics b) the belief that the English were direct descendants of the ancient Greeks c) pride for the vernacular language d) a and c only e) a.

e) Its focus had shifted from training for the Church to the general acquisition of "literature. A Description of the Incantations of the Supernatural in Rime Of the Ancient Mariner PAGES 2.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. From these examples, we see that religious incantations and symbols may inscribe violence into texts beyond the page Manipulating religious rhetoric and symbols to serve violent ends is not new, obviously.

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner). Oxford University Press, Noegel, Scott B.

Incantations of the supernatural in rime of the ancient mariner

“Divine Violence in the Ancient Near East. the Ancient Near East dating back about 12, years, probably a product of the conducive climate and growing conditions in this region after the last Ice Age. Newspapers.

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