Introduction to applied blue ocean strategy

The article starts off with some theoretical description of the blue ocean strategy followed by the findings of a research work conducted among the managers of UAE. In the end the article also attempts to give some recommendations that can be included in the strategic frame work of UAE based companies so that BOS can be used more efficiently. The methodology used is questionnaire based survey followed by their analysis with the help SPSS software. The major findings of the research are:

Introduction to applied blue ocean strategy

A literature review toward implementation logic of industries from typical goods to business to business market that allows existing strategic planning process by drawing a strategy canvas.

It represents a significant departure from status quo. From the launching of Wii video game, Nintendo started using Blue Ocean making competition irrelevant. The impact was significant. Using Blue Ocean leadership to connect to the market, the people who face market realities every day are asked for their direct input on the acts and activities of their leaders, and what they need from their leaders to effectively serve customers.

They found 8 standard value within competition namely volume, price, prestige, quality, promotion, service, variation and on-time delivery. They found BOS framework enables the identification of ex ante an untapped market space targeting new buyer group of children and teenagers. Bourletidis conducted a research on BOS implementation in Greek region and stated BOS as an innovative strategic model can be implemented to create a sustainable development and successful entrepreneurial ventures due cluster.

In their study, the result revealed gap between micro and macro level growth and the finding called for change in specific size companies, industries, and business activities to intra-industry cooperation, collaboration to create value innovation of uncontested market.

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Chang conducted a study investigating cell phone markets using BOS and found bandit i. Butler did a study in UAE on both small and medium enterprise and multi-national enterprise sectors where new strategies and economy are implemented investigating the BOS.

Introduction to applied blue ocean strategy

They mentioned that in BOS, revisit of value added activities are emphasized, some activities are eliminated and new activities introduced, noncustomers are targeted through innovation and changing strategy than competing intense competition.

They suggested that the core success of these rural markets development depends on the effective utilization of BOS. It provides effective ways to build a top-tier Universities worldwide extending distinctive characteristics of ethnic Universities that develop comparative advantage creating, protecting, and expanding BOS enhancing absolute advantage in building a top-tier Universities Xiu-liang, Literature Overview Obviously, there are quite a few researchers concerned with the idea of creating or developing new markets.

Companies should look to create new DOI:Now, to bring it to life, we’re looking at 3 examples of companies that have used the blue ocean strategy framework to drive growth and innovation including the Nintendo Wii, Yellow Tail and Cirque de Soleil.

1. Nintendo Wii. The first example of blue ocean strategy comes from computer games giant, Nintendo, in the form of the Nintendo Wii. Lesson Info.

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The Blue Ocean Strategy. Diving in a blue ocean strategy um it's directly tied to paul arden's whatever you think think the opposite and I'm gonna give you some examples and then we're gonna work through an exercise both here in the room and online because it's kind of mind bending what you can do with it.

The book mentions that a well executed blue ocean strategy may keep a company leading its market well ahead for 15, 20 or more years. That seems to be true for Windows. The book also mentions that successful blue ocean strategies do not last forever. BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY Critique of the book titled, 釘 lue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevantby W.

Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, published by Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Massachussets, , ISBN White Ocean Strategi. For Later. save. Related. Blue ocean strategy supports to create uncontested market space. magazines. it is a hybrid mechanism which combines the best things that characterize Blue ocean and Red ocean strategies.

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() White Ocean Strategy.. pp. International Journal of Applied Research (IJAR). Global Advanced. Blue Ocean Strategy is a set of systematic tools that use an analytical framework to allow companies to break away from the red ocean of bloody competition and create a Blue Ocean of uncontested market spaces in which their competition is irrelevant.

Blue Ocean Strategy pinpoints market spaces ripe to be exploited - The National