Modern day class system essay

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Modern day class system essay

Under the impact of certain powerful factors Caste System in undergoing drastic changes in modern India. The factors affecting Caste System are as follows.

Modern education plays a vital role in diminishing the importance of Caste System in Indian Society Modern education is based upon secular principles and domestic values. On the one hand, it gives importance to the democratic ideals like equality, liberty and fraternity and on the other hand, expands scientific look like reason and observation.

Due to spread of modern education, the educated people deviate the principles of divine origin of caste, inherited inequality, hereditary occupation karma and Karmaphals which are the direct results of Caste System, as modern education is usually imparted in the co-educational institutional it encourages inter-caste marriage based on love, among the educated young men and women.

This modern education acts as a very powerful force against caste in India. The present age is the age of modernisation. Due to the progress of science, the process of industrialisation has taken place in India.

As a result to this industrialisation, the tradition of caste of past has come into disuse. Now-a-days, members of all caste have sought and got employment in the modern factories and industries and work together.

Thus, it is not possible for a person to respect the restrictions on social intercourse which are predetermined by Caste System.

For example, a Brahmin, who works by the side of an untouchable in a factory, cannot avoid his shadow. Similarly in different factories and Government offices, the people of lower caste occupy higher posts and the people of higher caste works as their sub-ordinate employee.

Urbanisation is the direct result of industrialisation. As city is the collection of different people irrespective of caste, religion, Varna, language and so on, it is difficult to practice caste restrictions.

It is because, in a city, one individual cannot know the caste or another individual under the impact of urban civilisation, the ideas of pollution by touch of shadow is gradually deteriorated among the minds of the urban people.

Modern day class system essay

Rapid development of transportation and communication are also responsible for the disintegration of Caste System to some extent. In India, due to the industrial development, the different type of modern means of transportation like buses, trams, trains and so on are invented and it is impossible to observe caste rules, regarding food, drink and social intercourse while at the time of traveling in these means.

Inter-communication deeply influences the village community and brings rapid change in its customs, traditions and usages.

The Tragedy of the Commons, by Garrett Hardin ()

At the time of traveling in buses or trains the people of all castes pay equal behavior to each other. Thus, modern means of transportation have increased special mobility of the people and thereby put an end to the geographical isolation, which was a favorable condition for the creation of Caste System in India.

The abolition of various social problems which are created by the Caste System in Indian society is the main aim of social reforms movement. Indian Caste System is deeply affected by the political movement. After independence, for the abolition of Caste System, political movement was started in India Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation, was the main advocate of this movement.

This movement created a strong public opinion against Caste System in India. Therefore, political movement is the great enemy of Caste System. The various religious movements are directly responsible for the decline of Caste System in India.

The main aim of this movement is to remove or eradicate untouchability and superiority-inferiority feeling in the society. In the past, Caste System created many restrictions on the principle of marriage.

Each caste and sub-caste is known as an endogamous group and there by, the members have to marry within their own caste. Inter caste marriage was strictly prohibited Hindu Society.September Remember the essays you had to write in high school?

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