Ofwat business planning consultation report

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Ofwat business planning consultation report

Eye fluke in roach and rainbow trout 26th September Thankfully the weather was on our side and we managed to get the grass seed on the restoration today. With both Darren and Phil away Kevin was on the drill and my trusty steed can be seen awaiting my return in the background.

I have to admit I was pleased to climb out of our aging Massey at the end of several hours bumping that roller around the field. The last two days have seen the mist burnt off as we've enjoyed autumn sunshine tempered with a northerly chill giving rise to perfect valley days.

A classic shot of Rob seeking grayling and wild brownies always with the chance a sea trout may just have dropped its guard.

The second shot is of Ringwood weir after we started to tidy up in readiness for the winter high water. Never the pool it used to be but the weir pool still offers some great winter pike and chub fishing and I'm sure there should be some perch hidden in the dark corners. I'm currently giving thought to next seasons salmon season which I am thinking will include Ringwood weirpool again.

After our season of not fishing m downstream of our weirs I think it serves little conservation purpose for us not to fish Ringwood Weirpool if our neighbours continue to fish the opposite bank. The change will probably include a change back to 15 May for the start of fly fishing in a couple of areas of the estate but more of that later.

In the link below I have attached a paper that many of you may find of interest. It was sent through to me by our EA fisheries officer after I had asked if the EA held any information on parasites effecting the eyes of our roach.

This came about after I had spotted several roach that appeared to have blindness in one and in the case of one fish both eyes. Along with the EA I am still seeking to shed more light on the impact of this eye fluke and will obviously let readers know if anything of further interest turns up.

Eye fluke in roach and rainbow trout 23rd September The two photos are taken from roughly the same spot. I put the first up on the diary on 8th August the second today with water once more flowing freely again.

I'm sure most of you will have already read 'A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife' and several of you were probably out walking for wildlife yesterday. Just in case the link below will take you to 'A peoples Manifesto for Wildlife' for your deliberation.

Its certainly worth a read. A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife Although extremely difficult, try not let personality and vested interests taint your feelings.

ofwat business planning consultation report

Whatever you may think of the document It certainly provides food for further thought and further input, which is the stated intention of its authors. If you can say that many of the points are valid and deserve further consideration then it has to be deemed a success.

It is somewhat of an idealist agenda and as such comes over as being a little naive. I feel it comes up lacking in the hard facts of rural life related to that driver of all society, funding.

Good luck on trying to persuade the entire general public that a wildlife tax is a justified expenditure. The polluter pays would seem a far more logical policy to adopt.

If society then has to pay for the abstraction and pesticide levies through higher food and water bills then so be it. Just who is going to regulate and manage these measures in a sustainable fashion requires considerable work.There is no statutory basis for most of these supposedly banned uses.

All the law provides for is a ban against using a hosepipe to water a private garden and a private motor car (or other mechanically propelled vehicle). About Consultation. This document consults on our methodology for the price review (PR19) for the water and wastewater monopoly service providers in England and Wales..

The methodology sets out: our expectations and requirements for companies preparing their business plans to meet the needs of their customers from to and beyond;. Our next business plan () Build your own report. PR19 business plan: Not Just Water.

Working with our regulator – consultation responses. You can see our response to Ofwat’s PR19 draft methodology consultation in the documents below: Methodology response.

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The summary of consultation responses document sets out the engagement and consultation process and how stakeholders and the general public responded to the questions in the consultation.

Publish Ofwat’s five-year business plan, forward programme and annual report and accounts. Publish decisions on disputes and investigations as appropriate. Review the effectiveness of water and wastewater markets and their interactions with other markets.

The Water Report - What Ofwat's new CEO needs to address, 16 February PA IN THE MEDIA What Ofwat’s new CEO needs to address By: Richard Khaldi, PA water sector there has been continued commentary on the low margins available to retailers in the business retail market.

ofwat business planning consultation report

Ofwat was clear from the start that it would set margins .

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