Pdhpe revision questions

Attempt these examination style questions under exam conditions.

Pdhpe revision questions

How they work and interrelate to one another?

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This is a fairly large part of the syllabus for Factors Affecting Performance, so I suggest you head over to the notes section or seek some other online resources if you are pretty unsure about the systems But here's a quick summary: It only lasts for a short period of time - around second of maximum intensity - and usually is one quick, powerful movement.

Is an anaerobic system that depends on the break down of carbohydrates in blood glucose as the fuel to produce ATP. It can last between 30 second - 3 minutes, depending on the intensity of the exercise. Fatigue is caused by the build up of acidic molecules from lactic acid - a byproduct of the conversion of the carbohydrates to ATP.

Is aerobic - requires oxygen to function - that uses the conversion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into ATP to provide sustained energy for a long period of time: Fatigue is caused by the depletion of carbohydrates, because after this, fats and proteins will be converted to energy, but these processes require a lot more oxygen.

These systems are interrelated, as each of them may be used in the one form of physical activity. For example, in a m running race typically takes around secondsthe initial alactacid system will be used until creatine phosphate is depleted, and then the lactic acid system will take over to provide the rest of the energy of the race.

Overall, the systems work together to ensure the body has energy for the tasks it needs to complete.PDHPE. HSC Trial Preparation Lectures, Focused Workshops, and Resources to prepare students for the HSC Trial exams.

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Pdhpe revision questions

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complete revision questions and most importantly know the.

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