Problems with jetblue

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Problems with jetblue

Magazine about how JetBlue's CEO and founder, David Neeleman, regularly worked on flights as a flight attendant to better connect with JetBlue customers and understand what they needed. It's really a tremendous article -- and it wasn't initiated by a PR push, but by a reporter who just happened to be on one of those flights and experienced the whole thing first hand.

It's really an amazing story of customer service, something that JetBlue had a strong reputation for in the early days.

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I experienced a lot of that first hand as I flew JetBlue pretty often. However, a few years ago, things changed, culminating in the infamous JetBlue "Valentine's Day Massacre" of ridiculously bad customer service on a busy day, which is now a Harvard Business School case study. While I wasn't there, a separate incident around that time involving getting stuck at the landing gate and unable to get out of the gate area for 45 minutes -- yes on Problems with jetblue, not departure -- due to overcrowding had me switch to other airlines.

Neeleman insisted that he would fix the problems, but he didn't get the chance. Just a few months later he was pushed outand many people warned that this was a massive mistakebecause he was being replaced by operational people who didn't have the passion to fix JetBlue like Neeleman did.

Problems with jetblue

It seems like this has happened. The company recently switched to a new reservation systemand it's been a huge mess according to a bunch of folks who regularly fly JetBlue. Worst of all, the switchover basically screwed over JetBlue's most loyal customers, changing the terms of their rewards offerings expiring their points in one year, rather than letting them last forever if you had a JetBlue AmEx and also telling those TrueBlue members they could no longer redeem frequent flyer passes using the website.

Instead, they had to call. Yes, the airline that pioneered pushing flyers to use the website rather than call has gone the other direction.

And guess what a mess that caused? A good friend of mine who regularly flies JetBlue at least once a month wanted to redeem a "TruePass" for an upcoming trip, and after discovering that the website could no longer do it, she called and was told that hold times were 60 minutes or more.

And was then was disconnected by JetBlue customer service twice -- once on purpose after she asked for the customer service representative's name, and that representative apparently didn't want to give it out.

So, in response, my friend emailed in a complaint to JetBlue, and JetBlue's response was: JetBlue has just completed transitioning to a new reservation system and as a result, the TrueBlue help desk is currently receiving a high volume of email and can no longer accept them at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The email then pointed her to the JetBlue website, though it again noted that "Old TrueBlue points that appear in your online account summary can not be booked through jetblue. Apparently JetBlue has decided that helping its most loyal customers is too much trouble.

From the airline that pioneered friendly airline customer service to thisJetBlue aims to shave costs while attempting to explain its business model. Memories of JetBlue’s financial performance during CY – the most profitable year in the airline’s 14 year history – faded fast as the cost overhang it has experienced during the past couple of years remains intact.

Oct 05,  · JETBLUE AIRWAYS was the darling of the airline industry until Valentine’s Day, And life for the carrier hasn’t been the same since.

On what is now known within the company as “2/ On February JetBlue’s deficiency of readying and hapless direction determinations caught up with them.

They faced a black bend of events that most concerns anticipate and fix for. If you are at the airport still, it's best to file a lost baggage claim with a flight attendant at the terminal.

Just take your baggage claim ticket to the JetBlue rep and they will file a claim for you and they will deliver the baggage to you once they find it.

jetBlue has also deferred some Airbus deliveries and switched some of its orders from the NEO model to current generation jets as Aneo operators have experienced some engine problems with the .

For a few tense hours on September 21, the fate of JetBlue Airways hung on flight The nose landing-gear of the Airbus jet was stuck sideways.

The plane, carrying people, circled Los Angel.

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