Project report on coir ropes

It is a common experience that fibres detached from the coconut skin are quite hard to break by simple tension, hence by pulling from both sides. Excellent properties of resistance to wear and easy availability in countries, where coconut palms are widespread, have allowed coir to be employed for a variety of uses, e.

Project report on coir ropes

I express my sincere thanks to God Almighty for giving the strength and presence of mind to complete the work successfully. I am extremely indebted to management of Rubco coir mattress, Pampady.

Arun Vishwambharan, Administrative Cum Personal Manager, who gave me the privilege to carry out my project in their distinguished institution. Let me take this opportunity to thank all the employees of Rubco Coir Matters for their help and their co-operation.

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My sincere thanks to Prof. I use this opportunity to express my thanks to Prof. There are number of mattress manufactures in the market who are struggling hard to make an impact in the mind of customers. Both branded and unbranded mattresses are in the market, unbranded ones are concentrated on the local market.

They are mainly giving attention to provide customized product, who cannot afford to buy branded mattress at comparatively high price.

So rubber has become the backbone of our economy. Due to the bad impact of globalization the overall market of rubber fall down in Kerala, that time instability in price of rubber was one of the major problem that farmers facing in the market. The farmers were not getting fair price for their effort, but this problem has come to an end sincebecause the Kerala state rubber co-operative limited came into existence in this year on the purpose of exporting the infinite possibilities of rubber.

In literally means that Kerala state rubber co-operative limited RUBCO will become the back bone of the rubber cultivator. Kerala state rubber co-operative Ltd, popularly known as RUBCO is an Rs crores group with a strong presence in the rubber based industrial segment.

Project report on coir ropes

RUBCO is incepted with prime objective of effectively utilizing the abundant rubber resource of Kerala. Today the RUBCO group has interest in rubber footwear, casual shoes, cycle tyre and tubes, two and three wheeler tyre, rubberized coir mattress process and rubber wood furniture, block rubber ISNR and pale latex crepe, apart from natural rubber trading.

The study is mainly based on the details collected from each department. Each and every activities of the company is studied very carefully with the data available. This study is very beneficial to the future managers as they are put into the real life situations.

A study on all the departments can help to improve the process and there by an over all improvements in the companys performance can be made1.

The organization study was conducted for the following purposes: To have an understanding of the profile of Rubco Mattress Division and its various activities. To acquire knowledge regarding the functional as well as the managerial aspects of the company. To find out problems if any and to put forward suggestions.

To get an idea of the organization and its various departments. To get familiarize with various activities of the company. To get the feel of actual working environment and to get acquainted with it.

To learn and maintain a good relationship with the organization.

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It has higher growing opportunity. It has all the major departments including, finance, marketing, purchase, production and planning, maintenance, quality control, human resource and exports. So a study plan has to be prepared for the successful completion of the study.

The schedule for the study was: On the first day of the study I meet Administration cum personnel officer Mr.

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Arun Viswabharan, who was appointed to be my assistant for Organizational Study. He gave brief details of the department and its function, future plans, clear-cut image of the organization. Finance Manager assisted me by providing various financial details. The companies marketing strategies are very modern comparing with other companies which made it as one of the leading companies in south India and has hundreds of branch in Kerala and also outside Kerala.

Personal visit to plant.6.

Project report on coir ropes

PROJECT PHASING AND ACTIVITY SCHEDULE Project phasing Activity Schedule 7. CAPITAL REQUIREMENT AND COSTS 6 Techno-economic Feasibility Report for NE Region of India | ANUPAM LOOM & Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, etc.

Coconut husk is the basic raw material for durable ropes and twines, mats & matting along with technology.

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Coconut Husk Flow Diagram. The Coir Industry is an Agro based Rural Industry spread all over the major coconut producing states in is a versatile natural fiber which is bio-degradable,Hence the Coir products are Eco-friendly to nature.

Exclusive information on how to prepare project reports for financial assistance Coir board is extending financial and technical assistance to entrepreneurs in the industry.

Coir Board has come up with assistance for project report preparation for availing the schemes. Exclusive information on how to prepare project reports for financial assistance Coir board is extending financial and technical assistance to entrepreneurs in the industry.

Coir Board has come up with assistance for project report preparation for . Hull is made by joining wooden planks with coir-ropes and coconut husk fibers, stuffed in between. Then, the sticky resin collected from cashew nut shells during processing is applied on the long-lasting coconut fiber and the binding ropes made with it, sealing the gap between the wooden planks.

Project, Trade Technology Information - Contents on CD ROM. Information profile @ a Glance. India is the largest coir producer in the world accounting for more than 80 per cent of the total world production of coir fiber.

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