Saicou safety shoes remarkable feeling

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Saicou safety shoes remarkable feeling

But then in s, they started manufacturing high quality running shoes for athletes. Saicou safety shoes remarkable feeling Shoes has concentrated is design, market and sell on three main brands known as Boost, TrailStep, and Sweatless Apparel.

In Mercury International Ltd, approximately 4, employees are working worldwide with operation in countries.

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Mercury has dominated athletic footwear and apparel industry with fourth position all over the world. Overall, Mercury is one of the major incorporations in sports related industry with the great rivals such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, etc.

The key issues are as follows: Changing youth fashion — This is the prime issue faced by Mercury Shoes in keeping updated as per the market demand and fashion of youth athletes.

New trends and new products with new brands are always demanded by youths and therefore, sometimes it becomes very difficult to stick customers to same brand. Even though, the company is going through market research and development, the results are not always fruitful. There are various competitors existing in the market who have greater influence on consumers than Mercury Shoes.

To overcome the problem of changing fashion, Mercury Shoes will have to conduct proper market surveys, should take the opinions of its loyal customers about their tastes, likes and dislikes and accordingly should make changes in the production, should recruit talented and innovative designers, should adopt proper marketing skills to promote products, etc.

Market Forces — Mercury Shoes sell its products through high end retail shops, special athletic sports stores, and department stores. But, while dealing with end consumers through these links, there are other market forces which highly influence the purchasing power of customers.

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These market forces are government policies; interest rates, inflation, consumer sentiments, unemployment rate, etc. To overcome the problem of external factors, Mercury Shoes should make its customers available fair discounts, new marketing schemes such as buy two get one free and many more, seasonal sales, after sales service, warranty eriods, etc.

Competition — The competitors of Mercury Shoes are very strong and they have captured the entire sports industry. The competitors include Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, etc. Whereas, other competitors are specialized in production of variety of products, in sports industry.

Whereas Mercury Shoes lacks these areas of products and as a result lacks customers. Along with its main brands, Mercury Shoes must become specialize in introducing other brands, too. So that company will enjoy more market share and slowly will capture the entire sports related industry. Also, the company should introduce brands for all possible sports equipments which are necessary for athletes.

Skilled Labor — The quality, skilled and innovative labor is an important criterion for a successful sports business to compete in the international market.

Saicou safety shoes remarkable feeling

Though, Mercury Shoes is having skilled labor in its production and designing team but it is lacking with regular market updates compared to its giant competitors. To be on a number one position, Mercury Shoes needs very intelligent, skilled, talented and excellent employees in the organization.

And to update them regularly, Mercury Shoes needs to undertake various formal training programs for its employees in the streams of designing, fashion and technology in sports management.

Also, company should develop skills through sports and leisure education packages and certification especially in sports industry. Advertising and Promotion — From the financial reports of Mercury Shoes, it is quite clear that the net profit ratio has been decreased from 4.

Also, Mercury Shoes must undertake online advertising in large scale. Company should promote its products through sponsorship in many international games, and through famous celebrity support which will result in popularizing products and brands of Mercury Shoe s even among the ordinary class of consumers.Sydney has become world famous for its remarkable hospitality scene, boasting some of the best and most creative food in the world, and even if you are here on a .

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Saicou basic safety boots are known to be equally elegant and practical. Unique comfort and ease functions, which includes created-in Jel shoe inserts to support back heel, mid-foot (arch), and golf ball locations, can help to eliminate muscle mass tiredness, combined stress, and .

Saicou safety shoes remarkable feeling

The combination of a pre-moulded and removable EVA insole with an anti perforation SJ FLEX midsole grants our safety shoes for women the feeling of a running shoe.

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