The teller at the bank with brown hair and brown eyes and

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The teller at the bank with brown hair and brown eyes and

The teller at the bank with brown hair and brown eyes and

The names, places, and some details have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. The narrating character, Giovanna, was based on me. My name is Giovanna and I worked as a teller in a small bank in Monterey, a bay side town on the coast of Northern California.

I stayed up late to watch the The headlining story was about a violent bank robbery in San Josewhere three masked gunmen entered, fired machine guns into the ceiling, and took the bank over.

The female employees and customers were sexually assaulted during the robbery. Although the men could not be identified, they were described as three black men in their 20's.

It was easy for me to put my self in the place of those poor women. I was robbed at the bank once before, but it involved a straggly white guy who passed a note. He said he had a gun, but never produced one.

There was no violence and certainly no sexual assault. I would imagine that those women would have just freaked if they were just touched or molested, let alone having to deal with a full on rape.

The bank business is too dangerous nowadays. I wouldn't want anything happen to you. Besides, we live in Monterey, the land of Steinbeck, nothing bad ever happens here. It deflated some of my anger towards him at the moment.

We had been trying for a year to get pregnant. I agreed to quit my job when I got pregnant Banking was dangerous, especially in California, the bank robbery capitol of the country, and that news story scared the pants off me.

We made love three times that night. For some reason Rick was especially horny that night. After our lovemaking, I slept deeply and woke up at 7: I showered, powdered and perfumed my young, soft, supple body.

I primped in the large bathroom mirror and liked what I saw.

The teller at the bank with brown hair and brown eyes and

I was an attractive, 23 year old Italian-American girl, with long curly black hair that nearly reached my waist, I had dark brown almond shaped eyes and the standard Mediterranean olive complexion.

My skin was very silky to the touch. My breast were rotund and perky. My nipples and quarter sized aureoles were a cherry red color. My breast were not too big, but not too small either.

They were a nice handful, I thought, as I kneaded them gently while applying some after bath powder. My waist was trim and my hips were round and creamy. I needed a little work on my thighs, but they were still very shapely.

I was of medium height and well proportioned. I powdered and pampered my pubic region, which was covered with a coarse patchwork of dark hair, groomed very neatly about my vulva.

I slipped into my mauve colored satin and lace bikini panties and matching bra. I loved dressing in sexy lingerie as I cherished my femininity. Rick loved how I dressed too.

He came in the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me from behind as I finished putting on my make-up. He was tall and athletic looking with short brown hair. He kissed my neck and smelled my hair. I felt his stiffening penis poke into my panty covered gap between my ass cheeks.

I reached back and grabbed his livening penis. Then he said something very odd to me, "You know, if I robbed your bank, I would definitely take the extra time to have my way with you.

I wondered what was going on in his head.The teller at the bank with brown hair and brown eyes and is taller than the other tellers. 3.I caught four fish at seven o'clock in the morning but didn't catch any at noon. 4.

The Northfield, Minnesota Robbery. December 30, Coming soon: an update/addition with photos of the bank/museum in Northfield, courtesy of the Northfield Historical Society From a contemporary woodcut from John Jay Lemon's "Northfield Tragedy, " Northfield, Minnesota - First National Bank of Northfield.

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the teller at the bank with brown hair/ brown eyes/ is taller than the other tellers. 3. I caught four fish at the seven 0'clock in the morning but didn't catch any at noon.' and find homework.

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