Thesis ulaval

He is involved in data acquisition for such things as platform positioning, cable and pipeline surveys, and wharf and harbour surveys, mainly in Germany but Frank has had one job outside Germany and made it to the Bahamas. We wish him luck in his future.

Thesis ulaval

This thesis focuses on issues regarding educational justice in Canadian higher education institutions. We are specifically interested in the low education rates of indigenous university students.

We adopted an intersectional perspective and chose to exclusively work with indigenous women pursuing higher education at the university level.

The main objective of this thesis is to assess the influence of the context of studies on the possibilities of indigenous women to achieve the school career they want.

Thesis ulaval

Based on a multicase study, we investigated two universities in the province of Quebec Canada. One of the universities offers very limited support to indigenous students, while the other has numerous measures, policies and services directed towards indigenous students.

In each university, we conducted a three-staged data collection process: Our multidimensional analysis process looked at different social levels. At the mesosocial level, we conducted a thematic analysis of the data gathered from interviews with university staff.

To conclude the analysis, we did a cross-sectional analysis of these three levels of data, which allowed us to meet our research objective. This thesis provides several interesting conclusions. For example, the international measures addressing indigenous educationArchimede is the third component of the Laval University Library Institutional Repository.

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Courrier électronique: [email protected] (Dr. Bjarne Melkevik received his Candidatis Juris from the University of Oslo (Norway) and his Doctorat d’État in Legal Science (Thesis granted with Award of Excellence) from the University of Law, Social and Economical Science (Paris 2) in France.

My Masters thesis delved into the lives of two French officers from the Great Lakes who retreated in the Illinois Country instead of facing the defeat of losing Canada in My current thesis dives into the matter of communi.

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