Towson college essay question

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Towson college essay question

Writing Successful Thesis-Driven Essays By Professor Ben Zajicek The goal of this towson college essay question is to provide a nuts and bolts overview of the basic components of a good paper. Following these guidelines will not guarantee you an A.

The Introduction Depending on how long your paper is supposed to be, the introduction may be a single paragraph long for a page paper or several pages long for page paper.

towson college essay question

But short or long, every introduction should accomplish two basic tasks: What is at stake? Why is it important? What will you prove in the paper?

As a writer, you must keep your reader in mind. Before you tell the reader what you will prove, you need to explain to your reader why it is worth proving.

Explain to your reader what it is about the world that is poorly understood, what unanswered question you will provide an answer to. Ideally, you should make your reader curious enough towson college essay question want to keep reading.

This forces you to lay out your basic reasoning: In a classic essay about seventeenth-century Europe, British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper begins by laying out a series of puzzles and problems for his reader.

The following is an excerpt: The middle of the seventeenth century was a period of revolutions in Europe. These revolutions differed from place to place, and if studied separately, seem to rise out of particular, local causes; but if we look at them together they have so many common features that they appear almost as a general revolution What was the general cause or character of this crisis?

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In this essay I shall suggest that, in so far as it was a general crisis - i. Apparently a Europe-wide crisis in the seventeenth century, and historians have failed to explain it adequately.

This raises a question: And the author gives it to me: A paper should be about the historical subject, not about the author's feelings or opinions. Rather, they are making an argument.

An argument is different from an opinion because an argument is supported by evidence.

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Argument doesn't require the use of "I", but using "I" can make it easier for students to realize that they are taking a stand. When a student writes, "In this paper I will argue," he or she is often reminded that the task at hand is to convince readers that the argument is plausible.

The Body of the Paper In the body of the paper, your task is to convince your reader that your thesis statement is plausibly supported by evidence.

A useful technique for brainstorming a paper is to imagine a dialog between you and a skeptical friend. Each time you give your friend a reason, he says: You have to give enough examples, and make them convincing enough, that you can convince your friend that your reasoning is at least plausible.

You may not be right — perhaps there is evidence out there that would disprove your case and you simply have not found it. The best you can do is to show that, given the evidence that you have, your inferences are plausibly correct.

The kinds of evidence that you use will vary depending on the assignment your professor has given you, but, in general, history papers rely on two basic types of evidence. The first is evidence taken from other historians — information taken from your textbook, statistics taken from an almanac.

The second type of evidence is evidence taken from primary sources — sources written by people who lived in the time and place you are writing about. These might be quotations from letters or extracts from laws or passages from philosophical treatises. Whatever the source, it is important to remember that your evidence does not speak for itself.

Your job is to give the evidence and then explain why your reader should agree with you that this evidence supports your reasoning. This should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise leave it out of the paper. Conclusions Your paper comes to a conclusion when you have adequately convinced your reader that your thesis statement is plausibly true.

Then comes the conclusion. In your conclusion you should do more than just re-state your thesis. You should explain why it matters. Picture your skeptical friend again:From Common App prompts to supplementary essays, we break down the most common application essay topics.

Boost your college essay to the top of the pile! From Common App prompts to supplementary essays, we break down the most common application essay topics.

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Your answer to this question could focus on a time you stood up to . Please answer one of the following essay questions in your application. Make sure to include the question itself at the start of your essay.

Your essay should be no more than words; the question will not be included in the essay total word count. These questions have been updated in your College Essay Organizer account. Please find the updates below: University of Washington-Seattle Question #1.

Type Required for all applicants Question Touro College Towson University Transylvania University Trine University Trinity College (CT) There are 8 essay question.

Aug 11,  · Towson University College Essay Questions MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL Enroll in a public college or university within their state of legal grandson, or granddaughter of a Towson University alumna/us entering TU from high school.

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